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There are five unique Child's Dream products which brighten up your day. These products are exclusively sold here on our website as well as in our store in Chiang Mai.

There's always a good reason or occasion for gifting. And while you're at it, why not supporting a worthy cause by shopping at our store to help us make even more children's dreams come true? 

It's simple and easy. Send us an email to info@childsdream.org and we do the rest. The 'How to order' form gives you more detailed instructions. Payment is easy via our secure online credit card facility


"The Child's Dream Elephant"

This elephant illustrates two young children soundly asleep with their favorite stuffed animals. On one side, the girl dreams about reaching for the warm summer twilight sky with her colorful balloons. And on the other side, a boy dreams about becoming a chemistry professor and trying out a new experiment.

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"The Child's Dream prenny bank – Noki"

This penny bank is modeled after our first Child’s Dream car, a classic VW bus, which over the years has become a mascot for our organisation.

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"The Child's Dream Teddy Bear"

We hand out one of these Teddies to every child who receives life-saving treatments under our Children’s Medical Fund programme.




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"The Child's Dream Cookbook"

We at Child’s Dream love food that can be joyfully shared among friends. We have collected our favorite recipes and designed this wonderful booklet for you.



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"The Child's Dream Flip Flops"

You never truly know someone until you have walked a mile in his shoes.

So here is your chance!



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