Why we work in the Mekong Sub-region


Economic inequality and extreme wealth gaps

Lack of understanding for ethnic and indigenous people

Corruption and lack of good governance

Economic mismanagement

Civil war and political unrest

How we help

We design, implement, and partner to support interventions.

Let’s work together!

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What clients say about us

Child’s Dream Foundation listens the voices on the ground and responds. In a donor landscape marked by an orthodoxy of indicators, convoluted financial reporting requirements, and strict adherence to outdated and irrelevant program strategies, Child’s Dream is able to make decisions to get vulnerable populations the humanitarian support they need, when they need it. Child’s Dream trusts their local partners to act and is flexible when the setting dictates unique interventions. The staff are knowledgeable, authentically committed, and willing to listen and learn. Throughout the multiple emergencies that have occurred on the Thai-Burma border during the past 1.5 years, it was Child’s Dream who responded first.



Mote Oo Education – www.moteoo.org – is a small organisation who develop educational resources and teacher training programmes in Myanmar. Child’s Dream have been supporting the majority of our running costs for five years. It is refreshing to have a funder who understands the necessity for reliable, ongoing funding of essential costs, including their recent purchase of a generator for our office, which in Myanmar’s erratic electrical situation has enabled us to carry on our work uninterrupted. Child’s Dream have always been there to provide us with support and guidance when needed, have given excellent advice and are always prepared to listen to any issues we might have. They have put time and effort into assisting us with financial capacity building, organisational development and income generation. With their help, we have gone from having a staff of six and twenty partners to developing links and collaboration with a range of education providers, and together are well on the way to making significant improvement to Myanmar’s education programming.


Mote Oo Education

Classroom of Hope is incredibly proud to be partnered with Child’s Dream to build schools in South East Asia. Working with Child’s Dream is always an absolute joy. They are one of the most efficient, sophisticated and knowledgeable NGOs I have had the pleasure of working with.


Classroom of Hope