total direct beneficiaries reached as of March 2021
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Our Main Interventions


Aims to reduce childhood mortality and improve health and hygiene in schools and communities



Aims to increase access to quality education



Aims to produce leaders and specialists who work towards the development of their country


Why We Work in the
Mekong Sub-Region

  • Poverty

  • Economic inequality and extreme wealth gaps

  • Lack of understanding for ethnic and indigenous people

  • Corruption and lack of good governance

  • Economic mismanagement

  • Civil war and political unrest


How We Help

We design, implement, and partner to support interventions

Let’s Work Together

There are a number of ways you can support us or connect with us


Child’s Dream has sent dozens of my former Burmese migrant and refugee students to university. And they help fund the NGO where I have volunteered for the past five years. I am filled with gratitude for all they have done.

DavidFreidberg, General Member of the Public

The engagement and enthusiasm from everyone in this organization to care for the communities and children is amazing. They go out of their way (literally..traveling thousands of kilometers each week) on field trips to remote places to visit those in need, truly listen to them and involve them in the process to reach the best outcome for the villages and students. I was impressed with this team years ago for their energy and drive, and nothing has changed in their approach 10 years later. They really change lives (not just in the communities but also for those who work and volunteer for them – I was lucky to be part of them for a while !). Thank you for all you do!

janelau, General Member of the Public

This is one the best Foundation that support charity and young people who are active to support their community development to access further education.

htura, General Member of the Public

Child’s Dream Foundation listens the voices on the ground and responds. In a donor landscape marked by an orthodoxy of indicators, convoluted financial reporting requirements, and strict adherence to outdated and irrelevant program strategies, Child’s Dream is able to make decisions to get vulnerable populations the humanitarian support they need, when they need it. Child’s Dream trusts their local partners to act and is flexible when the setting dictates unique interventions. The staff are knowledgeable, authentically committed, and willing to listen and learn. Throughout the multiple emergencies that have occurred on the Thai-Burma border during the past 1.5 years, it was Child’s Dream who responded first.

Gregtyros, TeacherFOCUS

Level Up Academy supported me to start imagining my goal and eventually realise it. The lessons learnt from Level Up Academy is really useful in socialisation, work and life-long learning. Thanks, LUA, for giving me the readiness to face the world.

Nan Naing Tun, MEF Alumnus

Classroom of Hope is incredibly proud to be partnered with Child’s Dream to build schools in South East Asia. Working with Child’s Dream is always an absolute joy. They are one of the most efficient, sophisticated and knowledgeable NGOs I have had the pleasure of working with.

ncourtin, Classroom of Hope

Upon graduation, I hope to be offered a support position and be a qualified public nurse. I will try my best to take care of patients and patiently and effectively. Additionally, I will prepare to study for a Master’s degree for nursing at the University of Nursing, Yangon or Faculty of Nursing, Mahidol University. Your kindness and generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community. On behalf of all the students trying to overcome difficulties to achieve their dreams, I would like to thank you again for all that you’re doing.

Aye Nyein Thu, University Scholarship Programme Alumna