20 Years of Child’s Dream – Because Everyone Matters

By Daniel Siegfried

When I resigned on 4th May 2003 from UBS Singapore, I knew that I was making an important decision for my life. Yes, it felt like the right thing to do, but I had absolutely no clue how my life would change or where the journey I was about to start would take me.

A few weeks ago, when the whole Child’s Dream team met at a lovely beach on the island of Koh Chang to celebrate our 20 year anniversary and look back at our impact over the last two decades, I felt confirmed that, not only had it been the right decision, but also that the journey since the start of Child’s Dream had brought me a profound sense of purpose and is the source of my personal happiness.

Along this journey I met the most inspiring, dedicated, generous and passionate people. With our likeminded staff, donors and beneficiaries, Child’s Dream is not just a not-for-profit organisation, but also a force for good, with the power to positively change the lives of hundreds of thousands of children and youth in Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.

Since the start of Child’s Dream we have reached over 1.3 million beneficiaries, all with the potential to create a positive impact in their families, communities and societies. This gives me a lot of hope for the future despite the fact that the world sometimes looks like a hopeless place.

I want to take this opportunity to thank our donors and staff for helping me and Marc to turn Child’s Dream from a dream to reality. Thank you for believing in us. Without your support this would not have been possible.

To celebrate our 20 years’ anniversary, we created a beautifully crafted celebration book called ‘Turning A Dream into Reality – The Story of Child’s Dream’ retelling how Child’s Dream became what it is today and with a chapter for each phase of Child’s Dream. It is the perfect literature for the holiday season. I hope that you will enjoy reading it.

On behalf of Child’s Dream, its staff and beneficiaries, we would like to thank you for your trust and support and wish you a wonderful festive season with lots of memorable moments with your loved ones.

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Turning a Dream into Reality – The Story of Child’s Dream

2003 – 2005: Getting started…

Knowing that a career in banking would not be able to make me happy and fulfilled for much longer, I had started my soul searching mission a while ago. As part of this mission I was visiting various charitable organisations in South East Asia. After a heart touching visit to a children’s shelter in the North of Thailand, I returned to my office at UBS in Singapore and was greeted by an unhappy compliance officer, who complained that the text size of the disclaimer in our latest sales prospectus was too small. With my mind still in the project in Thailand, all of a sudden everything became crystal clear. It was the perfect constellation allowing my heart and soul to overpower my rational mind. I started my computer and wrote my resignation letter, and this was the end of my soul searching mission. I knew what I wanted to do.