What we value

Child’s Dream’s organisation core values


We are accountable and take personal responsibility for the quality of our work

Effectiveness and Efficiency

We make use of our resources efficiently and we create the best outcome for our beneficiaries.

Fairness and Impartiality

In all our interactions with our colleagues, we strive to be fair and impartial.

Learning and Improving

We always want to learn and to improve our work so that we can deliver the best outcome for our beneficiaries.


We value that we are all different and we respect our colleagues in our interactions with them.


We are supportive team players to our fellow team members and other colleagues in Child’s Dream.


We behave in such a way to encourage others to trust us.

Our Culture

We inspire each other.

We are committed to maintaining a culture that is friendly, caring, supportive, empathetic, appreciative and encouraging, based on mutual trust, respect and understanding for one another.

We value open and honest communication, having different perspectives, where everyone can speak their mind and seek clarification freely without any fear of being judged.

We enjoy and believe in what we do.

While we care for one another, we also strive to bring high standards of professionalism and objectivity into our work.

We take personal pride and ownership in what we do and are fully aware that our work is interconnected and we are all role models for each other.