Tomato Village Women – Aoi’s Journey

By Aoi Khampan

“It doesn’t matter where we come from; it’s important where we go.” My name is Aoi Khampan, I am a Shan ethnic who was born in Mae Hong Son Thai-Myanmar border. I grew up in terrible situations of politic, border-war and economic, for my family “survival” was the most important thing at the time. Fortunately, I have a chance to taste the education and opportunity to go to school. Education is very important in my life, because it is a key to freedom and the only way to change our family to be better. I worked hard to be an educated person and to have an equal right as human being. Many times, we are being treated differently and discriminated due to our background being hill tribe children and stateless parents. I keep fighting and always thinking a person’s value is in the outcome of actions.

Education changes my life a lot. My adventure started when I have received a bachelor degree full-scholarship from Child’s dream and after 4 years I graduated from Mae Fah Luang University in Business Chinese major with 2nd Class honors. Those university years give me a lot of confident in the society. In Year2013-2015, I have obtained my master degree in MBA with full-scholarship from China Government. Since then I have opportunity to learn more about international society and business frame work. During my studies in China, I have done my internship training with Thai ministry of commerce in China as a business interpreter which allowed me to have a new experience. Learning is not only in the classroom; know-how and you need to know-who. My philosophy is “be honest, optimistic, friendly, like to help others and enjoy the social activities” those are the most effective and easy way to find connection in our society.

I’m not the BEST but I’m trying MY BEST

I’m not a genius however I am a quick learner, more diligent and focused so that I can achieve my plans easier. Today, I have my own business and whenever people calls me Khun Aoi, boss, leader that sound reminding me of my hard-working mentality, these words cannot buy with money. I have not achieved my ultimate goal yet and still keep trying my best. Today I share my story in the hope of inspiration to you all. “Don’t stop when you are tied, stop when you are done.”