Boarding House Programme


Easing access to basic education with boarding houses

As of December 2019, a total of 72 boarding houses implemented by Child’s Dream were in use across Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. With a total of 32 infrastructures, the boarding house programme initially saw a heavier implementation in Thailand. However, since 2014, due to a lack of need, the programme has not seen any growth. On the other hand, in Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar the programme has seen a slow steady growth, counting 23 boarding houses in Laos, 12 in Cambodia, and five in Myanmar.







Running Total of Boarding Houses Supported


Comparison of indicator averages over time

Average rating 0-6 for all boarding houses evaluated in 2019

Guidelines for each indicator have been developed to standardise ratings across the four countries of intervention. The graph above shows that all baseline indicators have recorded fairly low ratings and that the implementation of new boarding house infrastructure dramatically improves not only the building conditions, but also the living environment. The graph also shows that, after five years, the quality of the buildings tend to slightly decrease, mostly due to wear and tear, lack of funding for minor maintenance and, in certain boarding houses, poor management.

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