Donations over GBP 10,000:


Donations under GBP 250:


Donations from GBP 250 – 10,000:

  • These donations qualify for ‘Gift Aid’ and are processed by our partner ‘Charities Aid Foundation UK’ (CAF UK), please follow the steps below:


  1. Send an email to so they can send you a ‘Gift Request Form’ and a ‘Gift Aid Declaration Form’.
  2. After returning the forms to CAF UK they will forward the bank details to you or ask you to send a cheque, if this is your preferred payment method.
  3. Upon receipt of your donation, CAF UK will claim Gift Aid and transfer your donation plus the Gift Aid share to us.
  4. Please contact us after you have made the donation so that we can trace the payment.


For more information about Gift Aid, kindly take a look here.