Thanks to our partnership with Charities Aid Foundation UK (CAF UK), donors based in the United Kingdom are able to receive a tax receipt for their donations to Child’s Dream.

In order to make a donation and receive a tax receipt, please send an email to and they will send a Gift Request Form and a Gift Aid Declaration Form to you.

After you have returned the forms, CAF UK will forward the bank details to you or ask you to send a check to them, if this is your preferred payment method.

When the donation reached CAF UK, they will make a Gift Aid Claim to the UK government, which will take 6-8 weeks. You will receive the tax receipt once the Gift Aid process is concluded and the donation transferred to Child’s Dream.

The minimum accepted donation by CAF UK is GBP 250, plus a fee for the wire transfer of the donation.

Kindly send us an email in order for us to trace the donation.

Many thanks!

For more information about Gift Aid, kindly have a look here: