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Volunteer With Us

Latest Opportunities

Office Volunteer

Chiang Mai, THAILAND
On a rolling basis

Volunteer IT Specialist

Chiang Mai, THAILAND
On a rolling basis

Volunteer M&E

Chiang Mai, THAILAND
On a rolling basis

Volunteer Guest Speakers

On a rolling basis


  • You must be 21 or older to be a volunteer

  • Completed Volunteer Application Form

  • Curriculum vitae (CV)

  • Motivational letter (statement of intent)

  • Reference letter

  • School credentials

  • Valid passport

Application Process

  • Download and fill out the Volunteer Application Form

  • Submit all requirements to volunteers@childsdream.org

  • Interview

  • Visa application

  • Onboarding

Please note that only completed application forms will be accepted. The information collected here is treated confidentially and will never be shared or sold to third parties.

We rely heavily on volunteers to perform certain administration tasks.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent border closing,
the number of volunteers was lower than usual.

total number of free hours worked by our volunteers in 2021
man-year in 2021

Volunteer FAQ

How much time do I need to volunteer?2022-04-21T02:28:04+00:00

We require a minimum stay of three months. This is due to the complexity of our work and the training required with our databases.

There is a 5 work-day leave per three-month period.

Where will I be based?2022-04-21T02:27:13+00:00

We base our long term-volunteers at our headquarters in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The office is within walking distance of the old city square. Click here to locate us >


The volunteer position is full time from Monday through Friday with three schedules to choose from: 8:00-17:00, 8:30-17:30, 9:00-18:00.

What to expect2022-04-21T02:13:11+00:00

This volunteer position is a 100% office-based assignment with no interaction with children. Our office in Chiang Mai serves as our headquarters, with general administration, donor and project management, and finance works. Our projects and beneficiaries are mostly located in remote areas of the Mekong Sub-Region (Myanmar, Lao PDR, Cambodia and Thailand).

We can arrange a visit to projects within the period of your volunteer assignment, usually at the end, depending on the timing and availability of our field staff.


Unfortunately, we do not provide board and lodging or compensation. Volunteers need to provide themselves with accommodation, transportation, food, etc.

Participation Fee2022-04-21T02:11:51+00:00

We do not ask for a participation fee. We only hire a volunteer who fits the position.

Volunteer Teacher2022-04-21T02:09:42+00:00

We no longer host volunteer teachers. Please check our Volunteer with Us page for other volunteer opportunities.

Employment expectation2022-04-21T02:06:23+00:00

Candidates should have no expectation of possible employment after the volunteer assignment. In the case of a job opening, we will announce publicly and will appoint the most appropriate applicant.

Can I volunteer remotely?2022-04-21T02:04:45+00:00

Unfortunately, we cannot accept remote volunteers at the moment. We use a lot of databases at work and allowing remote access to non-Child’s Dream issued devices could put our system at a critical security risk.

We are currently exploring different possibilities to address this challenge and to accommodate the sharp increase in demand for remote work.

What Our Volunteers Say

I volunteered full time with Child’s Dream for 6 months and was so impressed with its impact, transparency, and dedication to a cause. All the staff are true professionals, always keeping the beneficiaries at the heart of every decision they make.
AidanMc, Volunteer 2020

Thanks to Child’s Dream for giving me this chance to volunteer & know more what is all about Child’s Dream is doing and their hospitality for welcoming me thanks so much ….u guys are really GREAT!! Keep it up although it was 10 yrs back but still I find this organisation really doing their great job with wholeheartedly.

Mavisttm, Volunteer 2011

I have served as a volunteer and later became an ambassador for Child’s Dream. Having seen many other charities and NGOs work both on fundraising and execution, I’m convinced that Child’s Dream is setting the benchmark in so many areas. Starting with high diligence in prioritizing the right projects, a pragmatic execution approach, and highly transparent reporting, I deeply admire what this great team is doing. Visit, donate, and experience yourself!

BenBo, Volunteer 2015
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