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▪   Without people educated at tertiary level, communities are less likely to be able to direct development of their communities as they see fit

▪   Communities may lack awareness of their level of development due to lack of education

▪   Community leaders are often unable to solve challenges related to local development because they are unaware of macro-level processes that have local impacts

▪   There is a shortage of well-educated and experienced leaders across many communities in the Mekong Sub-Region

▪   The communities most in need of educated leaders are usually the communities most unable to afford the cost of tertiary education for individuals


▪   To promote the development of the countries in the Mekong Sub-Region

▪   To support the education of students at university level with scholarships for tuition and fees, living costs, and essential supplies

▪   To prioritise students who are likely to have a positive multiplier effect in their communities

▪   To prioritise students who are likely to have a direct impact from the application of their knowledge gained from university studies


USP Laos fact sheet >

USP Myanmar fact sheet >

USP Cambodia fact sheet >


University Scholarship Application Forms

▪  for Cambodian students/CLOSED – 2020 application form will be published here approximately May 2020

▪   for Myanmar students studying in Myanmar/CLOSED – 2021 application form will be published here approximately August 2021

▪   for Myanmar students studying International Bachelor (studying in Thailand)/CLOSED – 2022 application form will be published here approximately December 2021

▪  Application form for 2021-22 University Scholarships Lao PDR > DOWNLOAD HERE


We here summarise our annual updates collected from our Myanmar and Laos alumni.

▪   Myanmar Alumni Report 2018
▪   Laos Alumni Report 2018


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