Increasing Needs in Migrant Education

The ongoing political unrest and violence in Myanmar has forced numerous families to flee their homes, seeking shelter in neighbouring countries, such as Thailand. Families recognise the significance of education as a means of empowerment and future opportunities for their children. As a result, the number of migrant children in need of education along the Thai-Myanmar border has grown exponentially. Migrant Learning Centres (MLCs) have become essential in providing these children with access to quality education and enabling them to acquire crucial knowledge and skills. Furthermore, these centres serve as safe spaces offering a sense of stability and hope amidst uncertain circumstances. Royal Thai Government schools have also accepted migrant students, recognising the importance of providing equal educational opportunities for all children. However, their ability to accommodate more students is contingent upon the availability of adequate space and teachers. Additionally, migrant students often face many barriers to entering these schools, including a lack of Thai language skills and limited money for uniforms and transportation. One of our partners, the Out of School Children Enrolment Task FORCE, has supported over 500 students in overcoming these barriers and enrolling in the Thai mainstream education system over the past year.

Due to the deteriorating situation in Myanmar, MLCs are experiencing a remarkable increase in student enrolment; some of the MLCs we support have seen their enrolment numbers double (or more) over the past year. As a result, existing centres have faced the challenge of accommodating a larger number of students, often straining their resources and capacities. Increased support from donors is crucial to ensure the continued operation and expansion of MLCs. Donor contributions can enable the recruitment and training of additional teachers, the provision of learning materials, the improvement of infrastructure, and the implementation of innovative educational programmes. If you are interested in supporting our partner MLCs, please get in touch!

Some of the MLCs we support have seen their enrolment numbers double (or more) over the past year.