More Targeted Implementation with Our Eight Strategic Goals

By Daniel Marco Siegfried

In the past we categorised our work into Health, Basic Education and Higher Education. These areas were very broad and made it difficult for us to develop a more targeted strategic planning for the implementation of our mission. To support our more specific mission we have developed the following eight strategic goals that will guide us in our work.

Building Schools & other Educational Infrastructure
Build, upgrade, and equip schools and other educational facilities to provide safe, child-friendly, inclusive, and effective learning and living environments.

Improving Access to Basic Education
Improve access to basic education for marginalised and vulnerable children by enhancing their awareness of their rights to education, supporting alternative and community-based learning centres, and providing scholarships.

Improving Quality of Education
Strengthen and improve the quality of teaching and learning outcomes by developing education materials and conducting teacher training aligning with 21st-century skills.

Providing Skills Training to enhance Employability
Equip youth with relevant life and vocational skills to avoid exploitation and prepare them for decent employment.

Supporting Youth Development and Empowerment
Equip youth with practical knowledge and skills for personal development and for the promotion of community development, the environment, human rights, gender equality, a culture of peace and justice, as well as global citizenship.

Developing Future Leaders, Specialists and Entrepreneurs
Equip young adults with academic knowledge and skills to address socio-economic challenges in their home country/community.

Supporting Basic and Essential Health Care
Address health needs for children and youth by supporting life-saving treatments and providing school health and community health education.

Supporting Targeted Emergency Relief
Provide temporary humanitarian assistance to address unmet basic needs in emergency situations.