Moving Down the Maslov Pyramid

By Daniel Marco Siegfried

Although Child’s Dream focuses on solving long-term social issues through our education and health programmes, we can also support short-term emergency relief efforts in our countries and we have done that a couple of times in the past. However, these emergencies were triggered by natural disasters such as flooding and not – like in the current situation ­– by an implosion of a whole country. Within a few weeks Myanmar has turned from a country full of hope in its democracy building process to a failed pariah state run by generals. The lives of millions have turned upside down and not only their livelihoods but also their hopes and dreams have been destroyed. This resulted in a huge shift in needs as the people of Myanmar are being pushed to the bottom of the Maslov Pyramid.

Hearing the horrendous stories of unprecedented suffering directly from the people affected, looking away is not an option for us. We must try to alleviate the worst suffering to the best of our abilities.

We must try to alleviate the worst suffering to the best of our abilities.

Our first priority is to provide humanitarian relief and assistance to people that were forced to flee their homes and are now in hiding due to fighting between the army and ethnic rebel groups. There are roughly 200,000 newly internally displaced persons since the coup and together with our local partners we aim to access at least half of them to provide food, shelter and basic health supplies by the end of September. We are also in discussion with some health organisations to support their COVID-19 efforts. So far, we have earmarked USD 1.5 million for these humanitarian relief efforts. Our second priority is to maintain our existing health and education programmes, even under the most adverse circumstances. Unfortunately, some programmes had to be suspended due to security, but the majority is still going despite the countless challenges. The determination, adaptability and ingenuity of our local partners and colleagues in Myanmar combined with the international solidarity of our donors is our strength not only to help people in distress but also restore some of their hopes and dreams. Myanmar needs us now – join us!