The Children’s Medical Fund (CMF) delivers medical services to children affected by congenital malformations from Myanmar and Laos. These malformations are often life threatening and can result in long term disabilities that affect the overall life quality of entire families. Especially in low resource countries, children born with birth defects bring dramatic economic burdens to the whole household; indeed the costs of the necessary medical care are often insurmountable to families and communities. Since the start of the programme 12 years ago, the CMF team has managed to serve 1,779 patients affected by congenital heart disorders, neural tube defects and other serious ailments. Recently, we have developed a new framework that enables us to understand the extent of the impacts delivered by the fund. After months of rigorously analysing old patients’ record, we have come to the realisation that over the decade, the programme has provided a second chance of life to as many as 903 children and has improved functional health conditions of another 239. In collaboration with our partners, we have delivered 1,387 surgeries and 5,088 diagnostic procedures and medical visits.