New School Health Partnership in Myanmar

By Daniel Marco Siegfried
Co-Founder & Managing Director Programmes

DECEMBER 3, 2020



Just before the COVID-19 pandemic took control of the world, Child’s Dream approved a new school health partnership in Myanmar with Community Partners International (CPI).

The start of the implementation was delayed due to the country’s lockdown in April and restrictions on gatherings like physical training. CPI have trained five community-based organisations on their school health curriculum via Zoom. As soon as the schools are allowed to reopen, these five local partners will provide essential health services, including deworming, nutrition and oral health, to roughly 6,000 students. They will also train the teachers on first aid and provide water sanitation such as clean water, drainage, latrines and materials for personal hygiene. The partners will also demonstrate how to cook nutritious meals to reduce malnutrition and conduct sports activities for both physical and mental health.

Besides our partnership with CPI, Child’s Dream has been partnering with three other community-based organisations focusing on school health in Myanmar. Through these partnerships we are able to reach more than 14,000 vulnerable children and provide them with knowledge about personal hygiene and provide essential health services and semi-annual health check-ups and hospital referrals for serious illnesses.