Nurse Aid: Accessing Occupational Education in Healthcare

By Meghan Jones

The Nurse Aid programme started in 2022 with the aim of increasing access to occupational education and providing opportunities for youth facing poverty to improve their living conditions and help their families. The programme, which prepares students to work in the healthcare field, is a six-month course that requires students to study practical lessons for three months with Chiang Mai Ram Pracharak School and then complete a three-month internship. The internship is broken into two components; the first half with an elderly care home and the second half at Chiang Mai Ram Hospital.

To date, three batches of students have completed the programme, with the most recent batch graduating this past September 2023. The programme currently has a 93% graduation rate, and 90% of graduated students are currently employed, with jobs in private hospitals, local government hospitals, elderly care homes, clinics, dental clinics and pharmacies. Some graduates have returned to their home towns and are doing internships at their local hospitals, and some graduates are pursing further education in nursing programmes.

The programme currently has a 93% graduation rate, and 90% of graduated students are currently employed.

Most of the Nurse Aid students are from ethnic minorities. After completing the programme and entering to the workplace, many will become the family’s breadwinner. However, the programme not only impacts the lives of these students, but also brings many promising young individuals into the healthcare field.

Also Child’s Dream profits from the programme: One of the graduates from the first batch of Nurse Aid students, Oyee, is currently working with our Children’s Medical Fund (CMF) programme. After graduating from Nurse Aid in September 2022, Oyee completed a six-month internship at CMF. She was then recruited to be a full-time staff, offering invaluable support in patient care and in language translation for communication between medical staff and parents/patients from Myanmar.