School Buildings & Boarding Houses


▪   Low school enrolment and attendance rates
▪   High school dropout rates
▪   Lack of educational infrastructure in remote communities
▪   Poor, unsafe and unhygienic learning and teaching environments
▪   Lack of awareness for the importance of education

▪   Students live too far away from the school to walk back and forth every day
▪   Lack of transportation to school
▪   Lack of places to stay at school or close to school
▪   Low continuation rates from primary to secondary school
▪   High dropout rates and low attendance rates


▪   To provide access to basic education for all children
▪   To increase literacy rates and set the foundation for a productive and self-determined life
▪   To reduce school dropout rates
▪   To increase continuation rates from primary to secondary school
▪   To encourage parents and community members to support their children in education

▪   To provide boarding facilities for students from far away villages
▪   To improve the living and hygiene standards of boarding students
▪   To allow children in remote areas to access education
▪   To improve the quality of learning for boarding students
▪   To improve boarders´ welfare and security


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