Children’s clothing for Refugee Camps

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    Tak Province
    Status / Year:
    Finished / 2008
    No of Beneficiaries:
    Age of Beneficiaries:
    USD 17,449

    Forced to flee from their homes, about 150,000 refugees and some one million migrants (unofficial refugees) from Karen. Karenni, Tenasserim and Mon states in Myanmar found refuge in camps along the Thai-Myanmar border. Besides having to cope with the physically and emotionally challenging lives in camp, they are also vulnerable to the host country’s intolerance towards them.

    Coupled with the lack of sanitary and health facilities, children are vulnerable to the cold season when temperatures can drop to 5 degrees. We helped WEAVE, who empowers indigenous women and children and supports their basic needs, to provide warm clothing to children from Ban Kwai/Nai Soi and Ban Mae Surin camps.

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