Children's Medical Fund (CMF)

Status / Year:
No of Beneficiaries:
150 new cases per year
Age of Beneficiaries:
USD 500,000 - annual budget

Since the founding of Child’s Dream,  we have had countless requests to support children who urgently need life saving medical treatment. In most cases, the child’s family cannot afford the required urgent operation. Unlike Thai citizens, migrant workers (many of whom are considered illegal) and their children cannot benefit from the Thai health-care system, which treats citizens at almost no cost.

As a result, we set up this fund to financially support children with special medical needs to access the necessary treatment. We have partnered with the Burma Children Medical Fund (BCMF) which works out of the Mae Tao Clinic in Mae Sot and other health-care referral sources, to organise treatment and surgery for migrant and refugee children from Myanmar with medical needs.

Families in a similar situation in Laos are also now able to access our support for surgery in leading hospitals in northern Thailand.

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