Ethnic Youth Foundation (formerly Ethnic Development Learning Centre [EDLC])

Myanmar, Thailand
Shan State, Chiang Rai Province
No of Beneficiaries:
Age of Beneficiaries:
USD 20,000 - annual budget

This higher education project for Myanmar migrants runs two programmes. The first is a two year course in Mae Sai, Thailand, which aims to provide students who have completed grade 10 with more advanced academic skills and qualifications and includes a two month apprenticeship. The second programme consists of three sets of three-month non-formal vocational workshops per year in a learning centre in Tachilek, Myanmar, for students who have little or no formal education.

The purpose of both programmes is to assist graduates to get better and safer employment and, in the case of the vocational training, to set up their own small businesses. In due course, it is hoped to extend the two year course to the Tachilek learning centre.

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