Emergency Flood Relief to Burmese Migrant Workers

Bangkok area
Status / Year:
Finished / 2011
Age of Beneficiaries:
All ages
USD 33,300
Fu Tak Iam Foundation Limited

Throughout the fall of 2011 Thailand has faced widespread flooding. Overall, more than 9 million persons have been impacted, including an estimated 50,000 Burmese migrant workers. While the Thai government has mobilised generally effective relief efforts overall, relief targeted at the migrant community is limited.

Migrant workers suffer not only from the effects of the flood itself, but also from language barriers, uncertain legal status, public prejudice, and governmental indifference, all of which combine to hinder their access to Thai relief efforts.

We supported our partner organisation, Foundation for Education and Development (FED), to deliver necessary foodstuffs to these flood victims and to promote solidarity between Thai society and the migrant community.

We are grateful to the Fu Tak Iam Foundation Limited for their donation.

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