KWO & KNWO Child Development Project in 3 Refugee Camps

Mae Hong Son Province
Status / Year:
Finished / 2008
No of Beneficiaries:
Age of Beneficiaries:
USD 108,000 over 3 years

The Child Development Project supports nursery schools in the three refugee camps of Mae Hong Son province, in cooperation with Karen and Karenni women’s organizations (KWO and KNWO). The support includes teacher training, capacity building for school committees, parents, and women’s organizations and basic health information. The nursery schools were started by the two women’s organizations in order to provide young children better health and education as well as to give mothers more time for their chores. Child’s Dream is contributing to this programme by supporting the renovation and construction of nursery schools as well as providing warm clothes and school uniforms.

As planned, Child’s Dream successfully completed the second phase of the project by the end of November 2006. We bought 3410 sets of warm clothes including pullovers, trousers and uniforms, brought them to the different camps and handed them out to the children.

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