Mae Tao Clinic, Children Ward

Tak Province
Status / Year:
Finished / 2005
No of Beneficiaries:
1,605 - 1,600 annually
Age of Beneficiaries:
0 - 12
USD 23,400

Having one of the highest infant and maternal mortality rates in Southeast Asia, the Myanmar government has long ignored the needs of non-Burmese ethnic minority groups. Forced to flee by the harsh political and economic conditions, many were displaced from their homes and have little access to health services. Dr. Cynthia Maung had established this clinic in 1989 to provide primary health care to these migrant workers and internally displaced persons from Myanmar.

Concerned about the poor sanitation and lack of space in the children’s ward, we had built a new child care facility with toilets, pharmacy, a separate room for malnourished children and a little play room for the young patients.