Playgrounds- Laos and Thailand

Status / Year:
Finished / 2014
Age of Beneficiaries:
6 -12
USD 2,500 - USD 3,000 / playground

43 playgrounds were built (24 in Laos, 19 in Thailand)

Since we only build playgrounds in schools with which we already have established a relationship, we can easily work in partnership with the school and the community. The community provides the local materials, such as sand, wood or bamboo, as well as old recycled car and motorbike tires. In addition, the villagers and teachers help us to build. This is important because they gain appreciation and learn how to maintain and look after their playground for the future.

It takes 1–2 days depending on the location and size of the playground. Each playground is customised to the location depending on the number of beneficiaries and area of installation.

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