Pyo Khinn Migrant Learning Centre – Running cost

/Pyo Khinn Migrant Learning Centre – Running cost

Pyo Khinn Migrant Learning Centre - Running cost

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    Tak Province
    Status / Year:
    No of Beneficiaries:
    Age of Beneficiaries:
    USD 19,140

    Pyo Khinn school is a school in Mae Sot, Tak province, Thailand, providing education for children of marginalized Muslim migrant workers from Myanmar.

    Child’s Dream has been collaborating with the learning centre for a couple of years already and in 2010, we funded the renovation of some class rooms and the construction of an additional school building due to the significant increase in student numbers.

    With funding the running costs of Pyo Khinn Migrant Learning Centre, we provide basic education at very low cost or for free to children, mainly Muslim migrants, who otherwise could not afford to go to school, facilitate their studies in all the main subjects including Maths, History, English, and Thai language and support the children in their application for a student ID card from the Thai Ministry of Education.