Village Health Worker Programme

Kayin State
Status / Year:
Finished / 2014
No of Beneficiaries:
15,000 children < 5 years
Age of Beneficiaries:
All ages
USD 119,030 in 2014

Over 284 Village Health Workers (VHWs), 38 Supervisors  and 24 Assistant Supervisors conduct regular house visits to educate villagers on the topics of ‘Basic Health’ and ‘Hygiene’ including oral rehydration solutions (ORS) and zinc, hand washing, malaria and acute respiratory infection. The VHWs also offer home treatment to villagers or, in case of serious illnesses, refer them to the nearest clinic. The VHWs regularly organise community health education events as well.

The programme is jointly implemented by Community Partners International and the Karen Department of Health & Welfare (KDHW). After 7 years of funding, Child’s Dream discontinued the funding of this programme at the end of 2014 because more funding opportunities are now available to KDHW.