Vitamin A and Deworming Programme

Kayin State
Status / Year:
Finished / 2014
No of Beneficiaries:
Age of Beneficiaries:
0 - 12
USD 30,000 - in 2014

This programme helps to reduce child mortality.

21 field staff and 7 field managers train and collaborate with teachers and medics in Kayin state (Myanmar) to administer and provide vitamin A and deworming to approximately 50,000 children under 12 years old. Children are given a single dose of vitamin A and deworming every 6 months to prevent malnutrition, anemia and stunted growth due to worm infestation as well as to prevent gastrointestinal tract infection, respiratory tract infection and eye problems due to vitamin A deficiency.

The programme is jointly imple- mented by Community Partners International and the Karen Department of Health & Welfare (KDHW).