Stronger Focus with Our New Vision and Mission

By ­Daniel Marco Siegfried

Photo by: ian-schneider-TamMbr4okv4-unsplash

At Child’s Dream we envision a world in which ‘Educated and empowered people are responsibly shaping and sustaining fair, just and healthy societies for generations to come’. This new vision will guide us in our work for the next decade. It also characterises the challenges that we are observing in our four countries.

In the Mekong Sub-Region, over the last decade and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, people’s rights have further been restricted and inequality has become more extreme and wide-spread. There are more education and employment opportunities in our countries than 10 years ago but they are often not accessible to marginalised or vulnerable children and young adults. We also noticed that societies in our countries are shifting from collectivism to individualism, particularly in urban settings, which tends to make societies more egoistic and further contributes to inequality.

This understanding leads to our new mission. ‘We exist to ensure that children and young adults in the Mekong Sub-Region, affected by inequality, grow up to be healthy and have access to quality education and better employment opportunities. Everything we do enables them to live empowered and self-determined lives as equal and active members of society, with the potential to become responsible leaders of change.’

In line with this mission, we set out to reduce inequality by supporting health, education and skills development for vulnerable and marginalised children and young adults. By creating a new generation of young and responsible local leaders we hope to remove economic and social barriers and build more fair, just and healthy societies.

Come and join us on this mission and helps us to achieve our vision. Together with our motivated staff, determined partners and committed donors, we can do it!